Account Lifecycle

Understand the process of inviting members of your organization to claim their accounts.



The claim process is the process in which an invited user activates their Workplace account. Until members are invited to use Workplace, they will be unaware they have a Workplace account. After users have been invited, they will be able to claim their account in three different ways:

  • Claim link: Unique activation link that allows a user to activate the account and set a password (this is typically used when an organization doesn't have single sign-on enabled but users have a corporate email address).
  • Single Sign-On: You'll be able to activate your account by entering your corporate credentials. Read more on Configure Single Sign-on (SSO) for Workplace.
  • Access code: Unique access code that allows a user to activate the account directly in the mobile application and set a username and password (this is typically used when an organization doesn't have corporate email addresses for their users). You can read more at Manage accounts without an email address assigned.
If your company has enabled SSO for your instance, members will first be asked to log in to your SSO system before they can start the claim process.
First Access to Workplace

First Access to Workplace

Depending on your setting choices in the Admin Panel, claimed users can be requested to complete a sequence of steps before starting to use Workplace.

Accept terms and confirm profile details

Members may be asked to accept your company's terms of use, as well as check, complete or amend their profile details and set a profile picture.

Setting a Password

Members will be asked to set a password.

This stage is omitted for SSO enabled users. Users with Single Sign-on (SSO) enabled will be redirected to their Identity Provider login page during the claim process.

Selecting default groups

Members will be able to select groups to be members of from a small selective pool, or by searching for a specific name. Members will be taken to the news feed and will be able to immediately start using Workplace.

Obtaining claim links for your users

Obtaining Claim Links for Your Users

You may wish to obtain a claim link in order to offer a secondary invite method to your members. For example, you may want to deliver invites in print format, or via a company-wide SMS gateway, or you may just wish to send a personalized email merge from a manager to employees as a follow-up to the system-generated email from Workplace.

Exporting claim links allows you to distribute them one-by-one or en-masse alongside other members' information. Claim links can be obtained through downloading a CSV file containing an export of employee information:

Log in as an Administrator who has the permission to add and remove accounts assigned to the Admin Role.

Go to the Admin Panel and navigate to the People section.

Filter the users you want to get a claim link for in the search bar (e.g. only invited but not claimed accounts).

Click on the "..." button in the top bar and select Export employee information.

After a short period, you'll receive an email which will link to a CSV containing all member data, including the claim links for each unclaimed account which has already been invited.